on the Roku

  1. Fitting the USB augmentation link into the USB AC connector if your presentation doesn’t as of now have a promptly accessible USB port.
  2. Attachment of the USB to Mini-USB link into the connector (through the expansion If you utilized it).
  3. Attachment the Mini-USB end into the Roku stick.
  4. Attach the Roku stick to your presentation.
  5. Attach the AC connector into an outlet or USB port.
  6. Put the batteries (remembered) in the controller.

Steps for on screen setup of

  1. Select your language.
  2. After it’s finished filtering for WiFi systems, select “SCU-Student” and enter the secret word “gosantaclara.”
  3. It is currently associated with the understudy WiFi arrange, and if this is your first time utilizing it the 4. Roku, it will refresh and restart.
  4. Adhere to the on-screen guidelines through the showcase and remote arrangement.
  5. Sign-in on the site or make a Roku record of connecting with your Roku stick.

Setting Up On-Campus

  1. Explore to the “Search” tab on the left and quest for “ Stream Beta,” at that point, include the channel.
  2. Open the application and select “Begin.”
  3. Adhere to the on-screen guidelines to the site ( on a PC or telephone and enter the given code.
  4. At the sign-in screen, click “ On-Campus Students Sign In Here.”
  5. Quest for “Santa Clause Clara University” on the following screen and choose it.
  6. This will divert you to the SCU Single Sign-on Portal, where you will sign in as you regularly would.
  7. After you sign-in, your Roku will naturally connect the application with you On-Campus account.

How to Activate Your Xfinity Internet Service?

If You Have a Non ]xFi Xfinity Gateway or Third-Party Modem/Router then you have to visit and follow on screen instrcutions to enter xfinity authorize code online.

  1. Place Your Gateway or Modem
  2. Connect Your Gateway
  3. Wait for Your Gateway or Modem to be Ready
  4. Establish a Temporary Internet Connection
  5. Activate Your Gateway or Modem via
  6. Connect to Your Home Network

Xfinity support for activation

If you face any issues with xfinity activation, authorize codes etc. you can contact at too get instant solution.